Our CRM Integration system efficiently collects, organizes and manages customer and visitor information, details, responses, contacts etc. And all of these pieces of stuff are very useful to grow your business. These help you to understand the choices and demands of markets, feedbacks and suggestions.
We offer various types of CRM Integration services to help you to grow your business. These are as follows-

  • We offer cloud CRM integration if you run a small business. It can be controlled by a 3rd party vendor very easily.
  •  We offer E-mail Integration Service where we integrate all information of your customers and visitors through E-mails.
  •   We integrate phone numbers to provide Phone Integration service. We accumulate contact numbers as much as we can. After that, we contact at those numbers and try to generate leads for you.
  • We provide Social Media Integration service. Here we accumulate all data, responses, reviews etc about our social media promotions and these can be useful to generate leads in future.
  • We offer ERP Integration service by which we can store large scale of data of your customers more accurately. Delicate and minute details can be stored securely by using this service.
  • We also provide Calendar Integration service by which we accumulate timings and duration of important tasks.
    With all of these services of CRM integration, we try to help our clients so that they can easily access and use all sorts of data for quick growth of their businesses.