We take care of the reputation of your brand in the digital world by engaging in positive conversations with online visitors, enthusiasts, potential customers, reviewers etc. We always try to increase the good reputation, goodwill and customer base of your organization. With huge patience, our Digital Team tirelessly maintains pleasant relationships with all online visitors.
Online Reputation Management tools are important to monitor how your website, advertisements, contents etc are being responded by visitors. We use various latest tools. The tools we use are-

  • Google Alerts- It is a free tool provided by google. Using this we can understand about the visitors who visit your website, send messages, make queries etc.
  • Social Mention- It monitors more than 80 social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. It keeps track of the people those who are discussing about your website or advertisements, keeps track of the people who are responding positively or negatively and shows how many respondents prefer your brand.
  • ¬† Trackur- We use this tool because apart from your website and social media advertisements, this tool keeps track of the advertisements given in news media. It also gives suggestions about perfect keywords for promotion purposes. d> Review Push- This tool helps us to monitor all reviews of your website and social media advertisements. This tool also accumulates all reviews of all channels at a single platform, and also it provides a facility by which you can respond to any review of any channel from a common platform.
  • ¬†Chatmeter- We use this tool for various purposes. Firstly, it helps us to monitor reviews from different channels and provides the facility to respond to any review of any channel from a single platform. Secondly, it provides a facility by which we can keep track of respond and reviews received by our competitors, it helps us to formulate our strategies.
  • SentiOne- This tool helps us to monitor responses and reviews of the people of various channels. It also provides real-time data and historical data of all reviews.


We use all of these tools to ensure that we can effectively increase your online reputation by monitoring all responses and reviews. And we believe due to our effort and techniques, we are well ahead than other providers of this service in the market.