Just like WhatsApp marketing, our Digital Marketing Team collects mobile numbers of potential customers from various sources and sends messages at those numbers to promote and convince to buy your products or services.
Best SMS Marketing can be done by these tactics we follow –


  • We send promotional text messages asking the receivers to reply back with some specified keywords. If they reply then only we proceed to next levels.


  • We increase the frequency of  SMS gradually from month to month,


  • We send SMS considering timings. We send maximum SMS before 10 AM, and at evening from 6 PM to 8 PM.


  • We use different contents in messages for different types of people. For example- Content for a customer is totally different from content for a new visitor,


  •  We instill urgency in our message content by using the words like “ will be expired soon”, “ valid till”, “ hurry” etc. These create urgency and enthusiasm.

With all of these techniques, we try to give you maximum lead so that your business can progress more efficiently.