webzationsite optimi
Website optimization is the process by which a website’s ability is increased to achieve business goals. This process includes various other processes like SEO optimization, ads in search engines, social media marketing etc. All these are helpful to increase the number of visitors in your website, which in turn increases your customer base.
To optimize your website for more visitors and customers we take help of recent tools and techniques. These are –

  • We use GTMetrix. It is a recent tool of Google which helps to load your page very fast, and thus increases the presence of visitors and decreases bounce rate
  • We use Google Search Console; it is a tool of google which helps to monitor the performance of a web page,Crazy Egg is another tool used by us, it helps us to monitor the activities of visitors and users in your website,
  •  We use Moz; it helps us to choose proper words for Google Ad words and helps in link building by choosing appropriate external links.
  • SEO Crawler is the most important tool we use ; it helps us to monitor ranks of websites in both paid and unpaid platforms, gives details about positions of competitors, checks onsite errors like identifying duplicate titles or contents and identifying broken links, shows new links, provides metrics of all pages, it shows reports of google analytics data and helps to find proper keywords for better performance,
  • For WordPress sites we use Yeast SEO tool. This tool checks various onsite errors like identifying duplicate titles or contents and identifying broken links, helps to create catchy contents with useful keywords, suggests links for useful link buildings. It also helps in bulk editing.

With all of these tools and with our expertise we ensure that your website always remains at the top in various internet searches. We believe that these initiatives of us will give you an extra advantage over your competitors.