With 1.8 Billion active users, WhatsApp is one of the strongest social media platforms in the world. After collecting the WhatsApp numbers of potential customers from various sources our digital marketing team sends messages to them for promotions and convinces them to buy your products or services. Various website links, video or pictures can be sent also.
With some useful techniques, we initiate the whats app marketing. These techniques are as follows-

  •  One to one conversation- By this one of our team members engages in conversation with any one person, our member can also call him/her via whats app.
  • By using broadcast lists, we send messages to multiple contacts,
  •   By creating groups in whats app, we can reach up to 256 members in each group. We can post messages and contents in such groups which can be viewed by many at once.
    With all of these techniques, we initiate the whats app marketing in such a way that we remain well ahead than other providers of this service.